We have unique experiences investing alongside and for multi and single-family offices. Combined, MPC’s Partners have been in the Arena for over 50 years, investing in and operating private companies with and for family ownership.


We are aligned both financially and as patient capital with a flexible investment horizon based on the business prospects and market conditions vs. a traditional Private Equity Fund, which will be influenced by their structure, term, or generating a short-term IRR.


MITAR is sensitive to the “legacy” of family-owned businesses for their families and the communities they operate and live.

Our structure allows MITAR and our partners “to know high achievement”

Our investors are a combination of ultra-successful families from diverse backgrounds and experiences and independent wealth advisory firms from around the United States. We strive to partner with exceptional individuals, founders, and management teams to create the best possible outcomes for all constituents.

Our experienced Principals provide operational support and access to a select group of entrepreneurs who appreciate what it takes to operate a growing business. MITAR's approach is tailored to support the existing management teams with who we expect to partner through direct investment and incentives.

We pride ourselves on being atypical “private equity” investors. We are aligned both financially and as patient capital with a conservative capital structure and a flexible investment horizon based on the business prospects and market conditions. More than most, we are sensitive to the “legacy” of family-owned businesses.


Investments include majority and minority positions with protections and co-investments with like-minded, patient investors. Additionally, we prefer...

  • Target EBITDA of $4.0 million to $10.0 million
  • Diverse customer base, intellectual capital, and limited customer concentration
  • Limited exposure outside of North America
  • Preferred industries include, but are not necessarily limited to; manufacturing, aerospace, healthcare products, building materials, distribution, and niche financial services
  • Embrace investing across economic conditions to find value (restructuring opportunities)


Our principals have completed transactions totaling over $1.3 billion of enterprise value. With over 40 years of combined experience, we have guided, advised, operated, and invested alongside and on behalf of entrepreneurs, multinational corporations, single-family offices, and a $25 billion multi-family office. We have invested in various industries, but substantial platforms have included industrial/manufacturing, distribution, healthcare, consumer products, building products, and financial services.